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About Us


Acupuncture Pain Relief Centers of Indiana started in a shared room on South Madison Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. That was in June of 2013. Within a month of starting, we were ready for our own facility and leased space at our current location on Fry Road in Greenwood, Indiana.

We started out with four treatment rooms and no offices. By June of 2014 we expanded into the suite next door which gave us two offices and five treatment rooms.

Our Approach

Our approach to medicine is based on wellness. Our goal is to help as many people as possible by building their health to as high a level as possible. We achieve this by using many diverse alternative medicine techniques. We utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 5-Element Acupuncture, Meridian Balancing, Dr. Tung's pain relieving methods, Dr. Tan’s balancing methods and Homotoxicology in combination with herbal formulas and various physical modalities. We employ far infrared (FIR) technology in each treatment as well as a FIR sauna dome that treats the entire body at once.

We are constantly studying new and old techniques looking for ways to help our patients live a happy and healthy life. We are always open to new technologies, and our patients often introduce us to methodologies they have uncovered in their research for optimal health.

Overall, our focus is on total wellness. We treat the root of our patient’s problems as well as the symptoms. We provide a great deal of education so you will know what is happening and how it will improve your life. We always encourage questions on any subject.